Transfers from the airport are readily available, and all major auto rental agencies are represented at the airport.


Proof of citizenship is necessary to cross the border into Mexico. A current passport is now required for reentry to the United States. Upon arrival, visitors are given a Tourist Card that must be turned in upon departure at the airport.


Direct regularly scheduled air service is available from the following gateways:


Sharing the same latitude as the Hawaiian Islands, Punta Mita is kept comfortable year round by gentle sea breezes, and its average summer temperatures are 85° with 75° temperatures during winter months.


Summers are sunny, with an increase in humidity during the rainy season, between June and October. During these months, brief tropical thunderstorms are common in the late evening, permitting outdoor activities in the sun for the majority of the day.


Winter months are generally warm, sunny and dry, with comfortable nights.

Time Zone

GMT -6 hours; Central Standard Time